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The words ‘factoring’ and ‘broker’ will often deter the small business owner as factoring used to be seen as a lender of last resort and a broker always demanded a fee. How different it is in 2019.

A modern factoring broker is a very different animal from the old concept. Factoring is now called invoice finance; and a broker is somebody that brings together a business looking to buy the finance product with somebody looking to sell the product that is required. An arranger or organiser might be another way of describing the role. Best of all – the client doesn’t pay the broker a fee. Business Gateway works on a success only basis and gains its reward from the successful funder that we introduce.

At Business Gateway we see ourselves as the shortest way to get to the best funding solution to your cashflow needs.

There are 30 plus different cash flow funders in the market place and our role is to know that market and which product might best suit your company’s specific needs. We can save you time in bringing to the table the funder that best suits your needs.  

Our experience gained over the last 40 years will allow you to tap into our knowledge of the invoice finance sector and enable you to meet the right funder and have somebody to impartially discuss the offers on the table; the cost implications to your business; and how the facility may affect your relationship with your bank or any other funders. 

Independent advice – no commitment – no fees – no time wasting – round pegs in round holes!  

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